bartendro-xlLiven up your next gathering by letting Bartendro (R4000-R20 000) take care of your drinks. Available in models with 3, 7, or 15 dispensers, this Raspberry Pi-powered gadget lets you hook the dispensers to various juices and liquors, then choose a drink you’d like to make out of them from your tablet or smartphone. The desired specifcations are sent over Wi-Fi to the machine, which uses peristaltic pumps to precisely dispense the ingredients that are then mixed and dropped into your glass. Prefer to keep things simple? R2400 will buy you the same tech in a single Shotbot.


source: kickstarter

iPad mini

We knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make it any less of a small big deal. The iPad mini (R2500-R6500) is the long-awaited smaller sibling to Apple’s blockbuster tablet. Sporting an aluminium body that’s just 7.2mm thin and weighs just 0.68 pounds, it still manages to pack in a 7.9-inch display, an A5 processor, a 5MP iSight camera, a front-facing FaceTime HD camera, and Apple’s new Lightning connector. Available in black or white, and arriving November 2.


source: apple

“GameDock” Turns your iOS Device into a Retro Console

Turn your iOS device into a retro game console with GameDock by Cascadia Games. You can play all the great games of your childhood with 2 player and multiplayer via NES USB controllers. Thanks to the NES your device will charge while playing, making it possible to game for hours and hours. In the past iCade had brought us something similar but this takes it to another level. Over 100 games can be played and there will sure be more coming. Fundraiser KickStarter just reached their funding goal of $50,000 yesterday.

 Developer Andi Greisel said: ”I loved NES when I was a kid, and still do really, so I immediately started developing around those controllers. We certainly have discussed using other controllers, like SNES, but the look and feel of the NES controller just got me excited. Plus, there is beauty in their simplicity.”

We agree.

Source: cascadia

Wacom Cintiq 24HD Tablet

Wacom today unveils the impressive Cintiq 24HD. Measuring 24 inches, the tablet features all of the functions of a traditional desktop display, with the inclusion of functionality that allows the user to have a hands-on experience via the multi-touch display. With LED backlighting, the Cintiq 24HD can conform to various positions and offers an incredible chromatic range with over one billion colors through the screen. In addition, the Cintiq 24HD also has the customary Wacom pen technology that is capable of sensing pen pressure and pen tilt for added sensitivity.

Source: designsoucre

Microsoft Introduces New “Surface” Tablet

Clearly Microsoft are trying to grasp some market share from Apple. Microsoft has launched its own super skinny touch-friendly tablet computer. Weighing in under 1.5 pounds — hardly more than the new iPad’s 1.44 pounds — the lightweight tablet’s screen extends almost an inch further than that of the iPad. Its 10.6-inch optically-bonded Gorilla Glass HD display is joined by twin 2×2 MIMO antennas for WiFi capabilities and is physically supported by a convenient built-in kickstand. The Surface for Windows RT has a USB 2.0 input and is 9.3 mm thick. Its Pro counterpart comes slightly heavier and wider with a USB 3.0 input. Designed to operate like a fully able PC, this piece may also pose a threat to a certain class of lightweight notebooks. Expect a release later this year.

Impressive but short peak at Microsoft’s new Surface Tablet.