Check Out The World’s Most Insane Pool Dunk Courtesy Of The Turkish Airlines Euroleague


Check Out The World’s Most Insane Pool Dunk Courtesy of This Euroleague Commercial

For anyone who’s ever been bored with a group of friends on a summer day, this is the video for you. In a recent commercial spot from the Turkish Airlines Euroleague, several of the leagues top players got together to put together the world’s most epic pool dunk.
The commercial stars Shawn James, Kyle Hines, Robin Benzing and Sergio Rodriguez as well as many others, all working together to pull off the most epic pool dunk ever, utilizing everything at their disposal to pull it off, including water jet packs. With summer upon us, the Turkish League wanted to set the bar high for you and your friends who are destined to upload their pool dunk attempts on just about every platform of social media throughout the hot summer months.
For those of you crazy enough to try an out-do the Turkish League, Executive Producer Rob Steiner, gave a little insight on just how many moving pieces there were to make this come together.
“It’s a one-shot ad, 30 seconds. We’ve got two cranes, 12 players, four pros; all of whom have to be synchronized and choreographed perfectly.”

source: youtube


World’s most valuable brands 2013

ChartOfTheDay_1122_Most_valuable_brands_in_2013_nThe worlds more valuable brands. No surprises to see Apple take the win. $185.07b in one year is pretty astounding stuff. Not to take anything away from the ever evolving Google who came in second with $113.67b.

The Future Awaits – Jetsurf Is A Motorised Surfboard Designed By Formula 1 Engineers

IF - swelllnessImagine a blend of surfboards, wake-boards and kite-boards. Now, add motor power and a Formula 1 design engineer. That’s it. Meet the new Jet Surf, a custom designed carbon fiber hull equipped with a two-stroke engine that can ride waves of all kind. The Jet Surf has an automatic electronic control unit that is manually operated to reach a maximum speed of 57 km/h (35 mph). Now, this is leGit. 

Endless hours of fun..

Self-illuminating Transparent Cruisers By Sunset Skateboards


Designers at sunset skateboards have created a line of transparent, light-up cruisers whose wheels illuminate with motion. She skateboards have transparent polycarbonate decks that come in a variety of vibrant colors and styles, including the ‘ghost’, a clear deck with white and red wheels, ‘the alien’, an all green machine, and the ‘princess’ which is pastel pink and blue.

The wheels are fitted with LED lights that are completely powered by the rolling motion — they will last for up to 100,000 hours of skateboarding and will never need batteries. The sturdy, high quality decks are made from water-clear polycarbonate, the same material used in bullet proof glass, with special UV inhibitors to help make it weather-proof. You can choose from one of sunset skateboard’s already made designs, or build your own custom wheeler — selecting your deck and truck colors as well as the palette for the four wheels individually.
sunset-skateboards-designboom-08sunset-skateboards-designboom-03sunset-skateboards-designboom-13sunset-skateboards-designboom-01sunset-skateboards-designboom-04sunset-skateboards-designboom-11sunset-skateboards-designboom-05source: sunset skateboards

The Best 11 Minutes and 38 Seconds of your day! Greatest Vines 2013 Compilation!


swelllness boobs nude sexy hot xxx adult pornSome blessed, benevolent soul who we only know as YouTube user Eric S has gone and created what will undoubtedly be the best 11 minutes and 38 seconds of your day—a compilation video of the best Vines of 2013 so far. And you’re going to wish it never had to end.

Given that most of the Vines you see on a regular basis are six-second clips of your drunk friends face-planting on sidewalks, it’s easy to forget that there actually are people putting the medium to good use. And by god do they put it to use.

Anonymous Vine virtuosos, Eric S—we salute you. Never stop doing what you’re doing. And please, sirs and madams, we’d like some more.

source: youtube