The Future Awaits – Jetsurf Is A Motorised Surfboard Designed By Formula 1 Engineers

IF - swelllnessImagine a blend of surfboards, wake-boards and kite-boards. Now, add motor power and a Formula 1 design engineer. That’s it. Meet the new Jet Surf, a custom designed carbon fiber hull equipped with a two-stroke engine that can ride waves of all kind. The Jet Surf has an automatic electronic control unit that is manually operated to reach a maximum speed of 57 km/h (35 mph). Now, this is leGit. 

Endless hours of fun..

Grill And Chill With The BBQ Donut

bbq-donut-swelllnessBarbecue and boating, two of summer’s most indulged-in amusements, pool together in bbq donut — a circular sea cruiser fitted with a charcoal grill. The ten-seater sailer has a specially installed low-smoke BBQ at its core — for both safety and optimal social interaction — allowing you to feast on your favourite roasted treats while voyaging at sea. Storage compartments and an adjustable sun shade are incorporated into the design, creating a comfortable atmosphere for all water-based party goers. Bbq donut is the brainchild of German inventor and entrepreneur sebastian schmitt, whose quirky design is the realization of many summertime fantasies.


Self-illuminating Transparent Cruisers By Sunset Skateboards


Designers at sunset skateboards have created a line of transparent, light-up cruisers whose wheels illuminate with motion. She skateboards have transparent polycarbonate decks that come in a variety of vibrant colors and styles, including the ‘ghost’, a clear deck with white and red wheels, ‘the alien’, an all green machine, and the ‘princess’ which is pastel pink and blue.

The wheels are fitted with LED lights that are completely powered by the rolling motion — they will last for up to 100,000 hours of skateboarding and will never need batteries. The sturdy, high quality decks are made from water-clear polycarbonate, the same material used in bullet proof glass, with special UV inhibitors to help make it weather-proof. You can choose from one of sunset skateboard’s already made designs, or build your own custom wheeler — selecting your deck and truck colors as well as the palette for the four wheels individually.
sunset-skateboards-designboom-08sunset-skateboards-designboom-03sunset-skateboards-designboom-13sunset-skateboards-designboom-01sunset-skateboards-designboom-04sunset-skateboards-designboom-11sunset-skateboards-designboom-05source: sunset skateboards

Graffiti Artists Sat One And Roids Spray Paint An Entire Boeing 737

hangfire-painted-plane-swelllnessGraffiti art finds an unconventional canvas, in the creation of a spray-painted Boeing 737, a part of a series of painted planes called the ‘hanger one project’ organised by hangfire. The airliner ‘icarus_13’ combined the forces of two famed graffiti artists, going by the names sat one and roids, who collaborated in its design and development, canvassing the entirety of the cylindrical form with geometric patterns, shapes, and typography. the duo worked out the best way to paint on curved facade. Facing the challenge of manoeuvring around the aircraft’s enormous size and scale, the team mounted themselves on the airplane wings and used mechanical lifting devices to bring them to the top of the its tail fin, allowing them to cover it entirely in coloured pigments. ‘icarus_13’ follows their first project ‘jetstar’ in which street art team 45RPM designed and spray painted a grounded Learjet.

A four-minute video by gavin strange shows the artists at work, carefully manipulating their bodies around the curved surface of the plane to get to all of its sides.

ICARUS_13 ft. SAT ONE & ROIDS from Hangfire on Vimeo.

hangfire-painted-plane-swelllness hangfire-painted-plane-swelllness hangfire-painted-plane-swelllness hangfire-painted-plane-swelllness hangfire-painted-plane-swelllnesssource: designboom


Sony “Lens Camera” Turns Your iPhone Into A Rx100

swelllness sony-lens-cameras-iphone-02Today we get a first look at Sony’s latest venture into providing premium picture-taking services in an increasingly mobile world. In this case, that desire manifests itself in “Lens Cameras” that clip onto the front of iPhones and Androids and communicate via Wi-Fi. A companion app controls the add-on camera’s functions and saves the resulting photos onto an SD card. One of the cameras featured above is supposedly based on the RX100 which uses a large one-inch sensor, while the other has a 10x zoom and a 1/2.3-inch 18-megapixel word yet on any price or release date, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we hear more.

Biodegradable Cigarette Butts That Grow Into Flowers

10639_660559547305610_338755228_nIrritated with the countless cigarette butts that litter the world, designer Ben Forman has come up with a novel solution to the problem.
Dubbed ‘Cigg Seeds’, Forman’s idea outfits cigarettes with “biodegradable filters that contain wild flower seeds”.

These seeds would then sprout and bloom when thrown onto the ground, turning the act of littering into something that would add to the beauty of outdoor spaces.

source: designboom

Philippe Pasqua: Full-Scale T-Rex In Paris

full-scale-t-rex-built-near-the-seine-river-paris-designboom-01Soaring over the seine river in paris now sits a life-size tyrannosaurus-rex sculpture, conceived and constructed by french artist philippe pasqua. 350 chrome moulded bones create the framework for the 3 by 6 meter (12′ by 21′) contemporary artwork. the t-rex, a fixture in popular culture, is characterised by its massive skull, long powerful tail, and treacherous teeth, all which are exemplified in Pasqua’s skeletal construction. the towering silver structure surprises passers-by, synthesising the relationship between artistry and shock value. Public installations have recently become a popular arena for artists following Florentijn Hofman’s giant inflatable rubber duck, which floated across harbours around the world.

full-scale-t-rex-built-near-the-seine-river-paris-designboom02The chrome dinosaur watches over the eiffel tower.

full-scale-t-rex-built-near-the-seine-river-paris-designboom05The making of the sculpture

source: designboom

Espresso Veloce V12 Machine


espresso-veloce-v12-xlJust in case you’ve been wishing for an espresso machine that’s shaped like a car engine, we bring you the Espresso Veloce V12 Machine (TBA). Limited to just 500 pieces, this insane machine is handcrafted from common automotive materials like aluminum, magnesium, and titanium, and features a filter that resembles a coffee filter, dispensers that resemble tailpipes, and other little touches that tie the Veloce to its racing inspiration. Perfect for the garage, racing-themed man cave, or just a standard kitchen that happens to use a Ferrari as a dinner table.


source: superveloce