Inside Google’s New Super HQ

Want to work at Google? You’re not alone. Since the percentage of those who would like to work at Google versus those who are actually able to secure placement at Google is so grossly disproportionate, you’ll have to make do with staring wistfully at these photos of Google’s spectacular new “super HQ” deep in the heart of London. Designed by premiere architecture firm PENSION, the 160,000-square-foot space features a huge variety of themed and lavishly decorated floors — each with breathtaking views of London’s skyline. Most interesting about each floor though, is that the quirky and whimsical presentation belies a very strategic effort to maximize workplace productivity through increased functionality and conservation of space. If you’re interested in reading and seeing more, the laundry list of amenities and custom architectural wonders of the building continue at ArchDaily.

More pictures: Archdaily Summer House On Pillars

Nestled within a grove of fir trees, the ‘summer house on pillars’ by is elevated on pilotis for panoramic views overlooking lake balaton in balatonakarattya, Hungary. Supported with columns proportioned after the trunks of the encompassing trees, a lifted volume of interior spaces for meditation passes through the canopies.

The structural elements form an outdoor terrace at ground level,
while their placement was determined by the existing vegetation. Affected by the inherent building regulations for pitched roofs along the northern half of the lake, the site’s position on the border of the southern area enabled the approval of its flat roof plane.


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