See the Aurora Borealis from above the sky

ISS029-E-06020The best time to see the aurora borealis here on Earth is during the coldest and darkest nights of the year, so people in the Northern Hemisphere still have a few more nights of ideal viewing. However, here on Earth we only get to see half the show. But luckily for us, the folks orbiting 240 miles above us on the International Space Station have been documenting what we’ve been missing. The aurora borealis and its southern sister, the aurora australis, are just as breathtaking from above, and the astronauts get a clear view any time of year. These atmospheric light shows are a product of charged particles interacting with the Earth’s magnetic sphere and are often tied to solar wind or other sun surface activity. Whichever way you look at it, the phenomenon is surreal. Check out this preternatural light show.4725786555_51a3481f25_z6852803799_06f470ed10_z6263729511_e7fdb56ec5_z6259342762_f1b5112daf_z5389952057_a9e06e5ae1_z6267660972_790c924e2c_zPretty spectacular stuff..

source: grindtv


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